How and Why to Use a Capo

Happy Traum

A Basic Guide for Acoustic Guitarists

27 minutes • No TAB necessary
  • Code:DLHAPCA21
  • Skill Level:Novice (1)

The capo is an essential tool for all acoustic guitarists, with a variety of important uses. Happy’s primer covers all aspects of six-string capo technique. You’ll get great information about how, why and when to use it, practical playing tips, play-along opportunities, and a complete understanding of how to get the most out of this wonderful little device.

The topics covered here include: raising the key to suit your voice; playing higher on the fretboard for a “sparklier” sound; getting contrasting pitches between the instruments when playing with another guitarist; being able to play in the “hard” guitar keys like Eb, Ab, etc.; capoing five strings to simulate dropped D tuning; using the higher frets for ease of fingering; and more.

Happy, along with second guitarist Todd Phillips, plays well-known traditional songs to demonstrate his ideas, providing a great lesson for all learning guitarists.


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