How to Buy a Vintage Guitar-A Primer for Collectors, Investors, Players and Enthusiasts

George Gruhn
One hour, 55 minute video
  • Code:DLGRUVG21

In this unique buyer's guide, George Gruhn, one of the world's foremost authorities on vintage fretted instruments, teaches you every aspect of assessing a guitar's value. You will be able to select with confidence, whether your focus is new, used or vintage, for personal pleasure or investment value. You'll learn to see and instrument the way George sees it, and to appraise and critique it the way he does. He demystifies the evaluation process and stresses the importance of developing a systematic way of appraising.

Using several vintage instruments as teaching tools, you will look closely at such details as:

  • Finish
  • Hardware
  • Fret type
  • Inlays
  • Bindings
  • Peg head shapes

You'll learn how to get the best buys, how to determine an instrument's playability, the difference between "used" and "vintage", how to spot a counterfeit, and much more. George also gives a history lesson about the vintage market, makes predictions for future directions and provides suggestions for further study.

Note: This archival video was originally recorded in 1991. With the exception of prices, all the material is still relevant and will be invaluable to guitar collectors and enthusiasts.


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