How To Play The Five-String Banjo - Book and DVD Combo

Pete Seeger

DVD and Book Package

Skill Level 1

Combination 60-minute DVD with tab booklet and 72-page book (DVD alone: $29.95 Book alone: $16.95)
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Pete's book has been going strong for more than fifty years, and it's still the definitive instruction manual for a variety of American banjo styles. The DVD was recorded more recently, and much of the material is based on his book, so this is a terrific package.

Pete is certainly one of the most influential banjo pickers who ever lived, and his style has been imitated by folk singers throughout the world. He brought the instrument to a wider public than it had ever known, and collected many banjo styles in his travels throughout America in the thirties and forties. This is a book and DVD that every banjo lover should have.

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