Jazz Mandolin

Andy Statman

From Bill Monroe to BeBop

Six audio hours + music and tab on pdf file
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

This in-depth mandolin method takes you beyond bluegrass and into the fascinating realm jazz improvisation. Starting with an exploration of Bill Monroe's blues-tinged bluegrass style, Andy Statman guides you through a variety of scales, modes, riffs, chord progressions and substitutions. In addition to teaching his own techniques, he shows you, in detail, how to improvise bebop, swing and contemporary jazz styles pioneered by such mandolin greats as Jethro Burns, Tiny Moore, David Grisman and others.

Andy passes on an immense amount of musical wisdom and powerful playing techniques in the course of this six-hour instructional method. You'll learn the proper way to play arpeggios, tremolos, double stops, rhythm chops, licks and runs in a variety of keys and positions. At the same time, you'll develop an understanding of music theory that will add to your musical knowledge and build your musicianship. The ability to improvise creatively is the essence of playing jazz, and Andy supplies the building blocks that will enable you to do it with grace and confidence. You'll get insights into the amazing bebop ideas that were pioneered by Charlie Parker and John Coltrane, and will learn how to transfer them to the mandolin.

This fabulous course teaches mandolin technique and opens up the world of jazz improvisation for players of any instrument.

Student Reviews:

"I want to tell you that my recent purchase of "Jazz Mandolin - From Bill Monroe to Be-Bop" by Andy Statman was the best instructional material that I have ever purchased in my many years of playing." -- Jim Davis

"Just a quick note to tell you how much I'm enjoying Andy Statman's "Jazz Mandolin." I've been playing mando for about 4 years (mostly Celtic, and some bluegrass), and having been a jazz drummer, I was looking for a way to develop jazz skills on mando. This book perfect! At my level, I needed to learn concepts and how to apply them to my instrument. And that's exactly what Andy does. It's been tough finding such books that focus on concept development. But if this book is an indication of what you provide, then I'll be purchasing more from you!" --Neil Cadle


David Gibbons 1 year, 11 months ago

I'm about 20% of the way through this course, and it's really not very good as a learning tool. Andy is a great player, but the audio track is very tedious: lots of lengthy verbal descriptions of which string he's fingering on which fret. That is what the TAB is for, so it just slows progress to hear it repeated in the audio track. Unfortunately, the TAB is also poorly organized: you can't easily match audio clips to the TAB provided, so I'm spending time hunting through the doc until I recognize the riff being discussed. I think it could be better organized and built more around learning specific techniques or ideas. Can't really recommend unless you just want to hear from Andy.

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