Jewels of Acoustic Blues Guitar, Vol. 1

Rainer Brunn

Five Classics for Fingerstyle Guitarists

One hour video, includes tab on pdf file
  • Code:DLRAIGT21
  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)

In his first lesson for Homespun, the excellent German fingerstyle blues artist Rainer Brunn teaches five classic numbers that will bolster your repertoire and expand your arsenal of licks. We’re proud to introduce him to a new audience as he brings his formidable chops to this carefully organized and articulately-taught video.

Rainer opens the lesson with Keep It Clean, a lively Charley Jordan tune in E that will keep your fingers busy with slides, licks and great runs. 

Working out of the G shape, Frank Stokes’ Downtown Blues utilizes a steady bass along with some thumb/index finger eighth notes and groovy syncopations in the melody.

The always popular Hesitation Blues, in E minor, incorporates some thumb techniques that go beyond straight alternating bass picking, as well as dynamic chord inversions and single-string lines to achieve a beautiful chord/melody arrangement.

Willie Brown’s M & O Blues is a real gem, a funky blues that isn’t covered in other lessons. There are some very cool embellishments, licks and phrases that will be fun to get under your fingers. 

The lesson closes with Buddy Bolden’s Blues, a Jelly Roll Morton classic that is fun to play and has some powerful contrapuntal lines that will add to any guitar player’s bag of tricks.

Rainer Brunn’s clear and focused lesson will add some real “jewels” to your repertoire while expanding your country blues vocabulary and technique. 


Gary 4 years, 2 months ago

Just received this lesson. these are just great songs. What a bang for your buck .Only $15. I Hope he does more lessons in the future.great tunes for the intermediate player.

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Luke Armstrong 4 years, 1 month ago

Fantastic! The choice of songs, performances and teaching are absolutely excellent. Very inspiring! I hope there is more to come from Rainer Brunn!

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George 4 years, 1 month ago

Great selection of songs well taught! Thanks Rainer!

The menu on the Mac download isn't working properly for me. It goes to the intro regardless of selection. Hope this is remedied soon.

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HIDEO 4 years, 1 month ago

Jewels of Acoustic Blues Guitar :Rainer Brunn


I wanted but now I noticed.
Sorry. . .
I am glad if there is another opportunity!

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Westside Ry 4 years, 1 month ago

Rainer Brunn is a jewel! I sincerely hope that Rainer does many more of these lessons in the future. He has a great teaching style and his arrangements are great! I've been a fan of his on YouTube for ages. Thank you Rainer and Homespun!

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Todd Church 4 years ago

I came across Rainer Brunn's work on youtube more than a year ago and could not stop watching his brilliant arrangements. It is not an overstatement to say that Rainer has restored my love of old time acoustic blues and reinvigorated my playing. I'm looking forward to much more from Rainer on Homespun.

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Jimmy Owen 3 years, 11 months ago

Rainer Brunn is a stellar player and teacher—I’m working through his version of “Buddy Bolden’s Blues” just now—and am adding “Keep it Clean” to my set list.

He breaks the songs down after he demos them and communicates clearly what he’s up to. This is a great set of lessons, sure to add to your stable of licks and tricks.

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kelly timmons 3 years, 10 months ago

Just ordered Jewels 2. Probably need to get 1 also. Been following Rainer on Youtube for awhile. Great player and arranger. Sure wish you would have added his two Clifford Gibson songs, Old Time Rider and especially Tired of Being Mistreated. Great stuff to up your game here.

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Nils Peereboom 5 months, 1 week ago

Great lesson, very happy with it!

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Michel CROS 3 months ago

Really efficient.
Rainer is clear, simple. Tabs and videos are great.
I progress a lot in this style of music : ragtime and old blues.... The best instructor on Utube (on my own opinion of course...)

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