John Sebastian Teaches Blues Harmonica.

John Sebastian

with Jimmy Vivino, guitar

80 minute video
  • Code:DLSEBBH21
  • Skill Level:Novice (1)

John Sebastian, one of the most beloved performers, songwriters and harmonica players of our time, teaches all the basics in this friendly, jam-along lesson. You’ll start by learning how to hold the instrument and play your first notes using both the “straight” scale and the blues “cross-harp” mode. 

Before long you’ll be getting the sounds that the pros get: vibrato, note-bending, wah-wahs, tonguing, rhythm playing, train effects and a variety of great licks and solos that you can use either as a soloist or in a band.

This is a lesson that will lay down a solid foundation for more advanced study. Even if you already play you’ll want to take advantage of the expertise of this veteran performer and recording artist. You’ll even get to jam along with some great rhythm grooves by Conan O’Brien Band guitarist Jimmy Vivino. By the end of this video John sits out a few while you take over the solos. You’ll soon be blowing blues, rock and country harp with the best of them!

Make sure you have a key of C harmonica to get started with this lesson.


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