Learn Three Iconic Richard Thompson Songs

Zak Hobbs

Beeswing, Valerie, 1952 Vincent Black Lightning

Two hours and ten minutes, includes TAB
  • Code:DLZAKGT21
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Richard Thompson is indisputably high up in the pantheon of the greatest guitarists and songwriters of our time. His style is hugely influential and his songs are widely sung, but it is his unique instrumental arrangements that have captivated guitar players around the world.

No one knows the intricacies of Richard Thompson’s guitar technique better than Zak Hobbs. The grandson of Richard and Linda Thompson, he has been studying his grandfather’s songs and instrumentals all his life. A singer-songwriter from London, Zak is the third generation to take up the mantle and has been said to be the “natural continuation of the family tradition of musical excellence” by Folk Radio UK.

On this special video presentation, Zak helps players at all levels dissect the intricacies of Richard Thompson’s acoustic style. He has chosen three songs that epitomize the RT approach to guitar arranging: the ballad-like Beeswing and the rhythmically powerful Valerie, both played in dropped D, and the hugely popular 1952 Vincent Black Lightning, played in the less-usual CGDGBE. Each song is broken down in its simplest form for early-intermediate players, and then brought to full-fledged showcase level for more advanced guitarists.

You’ll learn Richard’s “hybrid” flatpick-and-fingers picking as well as the more standard thumb-and-fingers fingerpicking technique. There’s a huge amount of invaluable information about chord shapes, bass runs, lead lines, rhythmic flourishes and harmonies that bring the three amazing compositions to life. These iconic songs will be fun to learn and to add to your repertoire, and will give you insights into the musical thinking of a true master musician.


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