Learn to Play Blues Guitar with a Flatpick - Video 1

Adam Traum
110-minute Video includes music and tab file on pdf file to view or print
  • Code:DLADAFL21
  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

Blues guitar isn't just for fingerpickers! Adam Traum shows how you can develop a powerful blues style utilizing the special qualities you get from a pick.

Using a flatpick on a steel-string acoustic guitar gives you a big sound and the ability to play punchy rhythms and lightning-fast single string lead lines. Adam Traum shows how you can develop a powerful blues style utilizing the special qualities you get from a pick.

Adam starts you off witha basic shuffle rhythm in E, gradually introducing bass runs, chord shapes, string bends, turnarounds and other elements. You'll learn fretboard skills in the keys of E and A, as well as important pick techniques such as palm muting, raking and pick-and-two-finger "hybrid" picking. Adam even provides play-along sections that will improve your technique and give you great practice sessions.

Adam adds to your bag of tricks until you have everything you need to create a full-blown blues arrangement. Early-intermediate pick players will find this lesson detailed, fun and a wonderful learning experience. Acoustic blues guitar isn't just for fingerpickers anymore!

From the Homespun Forum:

"I have done some flatpicking in the past, mostly bad struming, but it is something I always wanted to try to do right. I have been pleasantly surprised with this DVD. Having spent the last two years learning to fingerpick, I did not think a flatpicking lesson would enthuse me like this.

Taught by Adam Traum, who from the name and his look I am assuming is Happy's family, it has something for you if you are an absolute beginner, or more advanced. Adam is a good teacher and explains everything he is doing very well, making it easy to follow what is happening. The music is excellent and his song at the end of the lesson is worth the price itself.

I've taken lessons from a number of DVD's at this stage, but have not been this enthused by a lesson since Happy and John Sebastian's lesson on MJH.

If anyone is considering some flatpicking, I personally would recommend this very highly indeed" -- Finbarr


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