Learn to Play Blues Piano - Video 2

David Bennett Cohen

A Beginner's Guide to Improvisation

70 minute video
  • Code:DLCOHKB22
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

David Cohen continues his expert instruction in blues piano, taking you beyond the beginner's level and firmly into intermediate territory. Again, the heart and soul of this lesson is in your ability to improvise, and David gives you all the tools you'll need to make up your own solos, completely by ear.

Starting his lesson with various kinds of "slow blues," the emotional and dramatic form that is the basis for so many great songs, David demonstrates variations in the basic chord progression as well as an array of bass lines, chord voicings, turnarounds and familiar-sounding riffs.

You'll then get into the "New Orleans Rumba," with its infectious rhythms and funk-based sounds made famous by Professor Longhair, Dr John and many other Crescent City players.

Finally, David wraps up his instructional method with a rockin', straight-time boogie-woogie, giving you yet another blues format to add to your newly found repertoire.

David's approach to teaching is systematic and logical, and he packs an amazing amount of information into this lesson, giving you enough material to keep you busy for months to come.


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