Learn to Play Blues Piano - Video 3

David Bennett Cohen

Boogie-Woogie and Slow Blues

One hour, 20 minute video, includes music pdf file
  • Code:DLCOHKB23
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

David Cohen takes beginning and intermediate pianists beyond the basics and into the colorful flavors, foot-stomping syncopations and old-time funky feeling of the real blues style. The emphasis is on helping you achieve solid technique and improvisational ideas for both slow blues and the more up-tempo boogie-woogie styles.

David covers a wide range of musical concepts that will bring your playing to a whole new level. He starts with the driving bass patterns that give boogie-woogie its recognizable groove, then adds chords, riffs, bass lines, classic turn- arounds and arpeggios that will give your playing style and distinction.

Moving from the key of C to E (necessary if you're going to be playing with a guitarist), David explores slow blues using progressions that will expand your harmonic sense and allow you to improvise easily and effectively in major and minor keys.

You'll learn to play the rollicking Pinetop's Boogie (in two keys), the sophisticated Blues For A Summer's Dream and the seemingly endless variations on the 8-bar Slow Blues in E.


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