Learn to Play Blues with a Flatpick - Three Video Set

Adam Traum

A Complete Course

Three Video Set - includes music and tab on pdf file
  • Code:DLADAFL29
  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

Blues guitar isn't just for fingerpickers! Adam Traum shows how you can develop a powerful blues style utilizing the special qualities you get from a pick.

Using a flatpick on a steel-string acoustic guitar gives you a big sound and the ability to play punchy rhythms and lightning-fast single-string lead lines. Adam Traum shows how you can develop a powerful blues style utilizing the special qualities you get from a pick. This three-video course will give you a comprehensive start in playing acoustic blues, flatpick style.

Video One: Adam starts you off with a basic shuffle rhythm in E, gradually introducing bass runs, chord shapes, string bends, turnarounds and other elements. You'll learn fretboard skills in the keys of E and A, as well as important pick techniques such as palm muting, raking and pick-and-two-finger "hybrid" picking. Adam even provides play-along sections that will improve your technique and give you great practice sessions.

Video Two: Starting with a “straight-eight Jimmy Reed” rhythm in E, Adam methodically adds bass run turnarounds, riffs, bends and “chicken-pickin’” effects, building a full, funky arrangement. Along the way, he provides the blues scales, chord shapes and positions up the neck to enable you to start improvising solos.

Adam shows you an old-timey country blues tune in A and a rag/blues in C, then winds up the lesson with a laid-back but musically rich exploration of a “Stormy Monday/T-Bone Walker”-style slow blues in G, full of sliding, jazz-like R&B chords and soulful fills.

Video Three: Licks, Tricks and Time-Honored Songs: Adding a third great lesson to his popular series, Adam Traum helps you build your repertoire by exploring six classic tunes, each one representing a different blues style. He demonstrates important pick techniques, along with a variety of chord shapes, licks and solos that can be applied to any blues song you want to play. Songs include: I Shall Not Be Moved in the style of Mississippi John Hurt; Thinking Blues, a classic that was made popular by the great Bessie Smith; Mojo Hand, a classic Texas shuffle in Lightnin’ Hopkins’ style; Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do, a classic blues that’s been recorded by a who’s-who of artists, from Bessie Smith to Eric Clapton; A Minor Blues, an original in which Adam explores soloing ideas, starting with the minor blues scale; and the ever-popular Statesboro Blues by Blind Willie McTell.


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