Learn To Play Bottleneck Blues Guitar - DVD 1

Bob Brozman

The Basics

90-minute DVD, includes tab pdf file on disc to view or print
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  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)
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Bob Brozman's remarkably detailed instruction starts with the basics, including the open tunings needed to get the true bottleneck sound. Through careful explanations of essential left- and right-hand techniques, exercises and songs, this DVD reveals the secrets of traditional blues/slide guitar.

Beginning and experienced slide players alike will benefit from this presentation of powerful licks and runs, rhythm techniques, use of vibrato and harmonics and other ways to get the true Delta sound. Before you know it, you'll be playing dynamic tunes made popular by the blues greats! Bob covers the early Delta blues sound of Robert Johnson and the driving rhythm and slide of his composition Walking Blues.

Bob illustrates additional runs and rhythms, and guides you through the dynamic Muddy Waters tune Can't Be Satisfied. He then uses Cross Roads Blues to take you into even more complex rhythmic devices.

This DVD presents a complete picture in the art of bottleneck blues guitar. You'll receive a wealth of ideas to work on and be able to use the tools you have learned to build your own repertoire of bottleneck blues favorites.


Michael Lamm 1 year, 10 months ago

Great lessons but the TAB provided doesn't match what Bob is playing in the Blues Licks video. I haven't looked at the others so can't comment. Still recommend the lessons but accurate TABS would be good.

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