Learn to Play Old-Time Fiddle - Lesson One

Brad Leftwich

Lesson One

90-minute video, Includes music on pdf file
  • Code:DLLEFFI21
  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

Learn to play fiddle in the real old-time style with this lesson in traditional downbow fiddling. Brad Leftwich shows how to produce the flowing, rhythmic sound that has delighted square dancers and music lovers for generations. He teaches tunings, drone strings and double stops, simple variations and several specific bow licks, including short and long saw-strokes and the shuffle. Brad's breakdown of Shortenin' Bread, Sugar Hill, Old Jimmy Sutton, Black-Eyed Susie, Great Big Taters and Jeff Sturgeon will benefit all fiddlers who want to learn this exciting style.

Student Reviews:

"I want to tell you how great it was for me to begin going through your fiddle tape from Homespun. I've been working hard over the past year to learn to play Tommy Jarrell's music on the banjo. Then late last year, I decided to begin to learn the music on the fiddle. What was great was seeing your deep knowledge and appreciation for Tommy's music reflected in the tape lessons. Tommy's "Sugar Hill" is beginning to make sense to me - at least theoretically if not yet practically." -- Jeff Dooley, Petaluma, CA

"I recently bought the Brad Leftwich Old-time fiddle video. It's been one of the best learning tools I've encountered in my entire life, which includes two degrees from Harvard. I very much hope that you will ask Brad to make a sequel, especially since he hints that "there's a lot more" at the end of the tape; he fades out on "Breaking Up Christmas" "to whet your appetite." Well, it's been whetted. When the hell is the next tape coming out?"-- Frank Metcalf (via email)


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