Learn To Play Old-Time Fiddle - Two Video Set

Brad Leftwich
Two video set, includes music on pdf file
  • Code:DLLEFFI23
  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

Learn the secrets to playing fiddle in the real old-time style. On these two lessons, Brad Leftwich teaches the fundamentals of traditional "downbow" fiddling. His unique method helps you learn how to produce the flowing, rhythmic sound that has delighted square dancers and music lovers for generations.

Drawing on a lifetime of listening to, learning from, and playing with older traditional musicians, Brad passes along the techniques you need to produce a truly authentic sound. These include the use of tunings, drone strings and double stops, simple variations, and, most importantly, bowing. Specific bow licks covered on this tape are short and long saw-strokes, the shuffle, and beginning and ending licks. Brad demonstrates how to use these techniques in the traditional manner handed down to him from the old masters.

Customer Review:

(Note that this review was sent to us by one of the true country music legends, Mr. Buck Owens!)

"I have Videos One & Two. They are well presented by you and Miss Linda. Watching and listening over and over have been very advantageous to a learning fiddler. Although old time fiddling is not how I make my living, it's fun to learn some of those things... I admire your talent and commend you on your presentation. Come see us if you are ever out this way (Bakersfield, CA). The Buckaroos and I perform every Friday and Saturday." -- Buck Owens


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