Learn to Play the Songs of Gordon Lightfoot

Pete Huttlinger

Guitar Arrangements for Eight Classics

Two-Hour DVD, includes Music and Tab booklet
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  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)
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The great Canadian singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot has written some of the most beautiful and enduring songs of our time. His soulful voice and rich guitar accompaniments have made him a true legend in the folk and pop music pantheon.

Master guitarist Pete Huttlinger has the rare ability to hear all the nuances in Gordon Lightfoot's guitar arrangements. As he has done for the music of John Denver and Jim Croce, he makes them easily accessible to learning players, teaching the chord progressions, rhythms, fingerpicking patterns and soulful musical touches that help make each song a unique and powerful statement.

This lesson will be a joy to intermediate guitarists who want to add these stirring songs and beautiful guitar arrangements to their repertoire.

Songs: Early Morning Rain, Carefree Highway , Rainy Day People , Circle of Steel, Steel Rail Blues, Bitter Green, If You Could Read My Mind, Cold on the Shoulder

Jonathan Klass 1 month ago

How can this course be any good if the Gibson B45 12 string sound is not dealt with. Sundown, Big Steel Rail, and many more songs used the signature 12 string missing from this course.

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Jonathan Klass 1 month ago

How can this course on Gordon Lightfoot style be of any use if the sound of the B45 12 string is ignored. songs like big steelrail ,Sundown, carefre highway, etc all used the signature 12 string sound. I find this an annoying trend. If the teacher has no expertise in the use of 12 string he should rather not do the course.

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