Learning Bluegrass Fiddle - Video One

Kenny Kosek

Lesson One

65-minute video, includes music pdf file
  • Code:DLKOSBF21
  • Skill Level:Novice (1)

Tune up the fiddle and rosin up the bow! Kenny Kosek will have you playing your favorite tunes and jamming with friends in no time--even if you've never played a lick before. Within minutes you'll be into your first tune, Jack Of Diamonds, learning to play the melody and then adding slides, open-string drones and bowing patterns to give it an unmistakable bluegrass flavor.

Then it's on to classic country hoedowns: B'ile Them Cabbage Down, Waterbound  and  Liberty will introduce you to rhythm playing, melodic variations, double-stop harmonies and country-style bowing. You'll learn tricks of the trade such as fills, intros and endings that help you get the true bluegrass fiddle sound. Kenny completes this lesson with an exploration of Bury Me Beneath The Willow, for which you'll learn vibrato, slides, hammer-ons and legato bowing.

Kenny's careful note-for-note breakdowns of each tune make learning easy. This lesson is the clearest and most effective way to learn the fiddle you'll find anywhere.


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