Learning Plectrum Banjo

Buddy Wachter
90 minute video, Includes music and chords on pdf file
  • Code:DLWACPB21

This unique, much-requested lesson by one of the world's virtuoso 4-string banjo artists will benefit beginners and experienced players alike. Buddy's clear, easy-to-follow instruction will have you playing right from the first minutes of the video. It's filled with innumerable tips and priceless advice for the learning player and is an essential addition to every 4-string player's collection.

You'll learn technical aspects of playing: how to hold the pick; proper picking and fretting positions; achieving a smooth tremolo; ten basic strums; developing speed and control; applying accents and dynamics; avoiding bad playing habits; "Eddie Peabody Style" and more. In addition, Buddy offers practice routines and exercises, chord theory, twelve basic positions for major, minor, 7th, augmented and diminished chord formations, plus other invaluable knowledge that will enable you to move on to playing virtually any tune on the banjo.


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