"Little Sadie" in DADGAD Tuning

Al Petteway

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  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

"Little Sadie" is one of the most widely played songs in the American folk and Southern Appalachian traditions. Originally made popular by North Carolina banjo player Clarence Ashley, the flatpicked versions by Doc Watson and Tony Rice have become iconic among guitar pickers. Hundreds of other players, from Jerry Garcia to Bob Dylan, have added their licks and styles to this great “murder ballad.”

Al Petteway takes a different path, combining his expert fingerpicking with his favorite tuning: DADGAD. He gives the song a new twist by incorporating plucked notes with down-hitting, percussive strums to create a dynamic, syncopated rhythm. Al starts the tune in the key of A, then teaches a version in D, switching to a thumb-lead, clawhammer style. Pull-offs and hammer-ons create added notes for a more complex sound. He finishes up by showing a great lick that can be used as a cool ending on any similar up-tempo tune. 

Al’s lesson will satisfy and delight players at all levels, so whether you’re just getting into alternate tunings or are already an experienced picker, there will be something new and exciting for you here.


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