Livingston Taylor's Excellent Guitar Lesson

Livingston Taylor
80-minute video, includes music and tab on pdf file
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  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Livingston Taylor's unique playing has set the standard for beautiful guitar accompaniment for over two decades. A lively, charming and inspiring teacher, Livingston explores some of his most requested songs, showing how simple yet elegant chord positions and active bass lines can transform your material. If you've ever wondered how Livingston gets the beautiful harmonizations that typify the "Taylor sound," then this lesson is essential viewing.

Although this terrific lesson was designed for experienced beginners and intermediate guitarists, we recommend it for players at all levels who are interested in enhancing their accompaniment technique or playing in the Taylor style. Livingston teaches four of his compositions, including his hit Going Round One More Time, the jazzy I Must Be Doing Something RightOur Turn To Dance and his classic I Will Be In Love With You. He also shows how to take extremely simple songs like I've Been Working On The Railroad and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and give it that "Taylor magic" with suspended and minor seventh chords, as well as other tricks of the trade.

Livingston's up-close lesson is jammed with tips on guitar style and technique, as well as on performing, gaining confidence, and using all of your senses to become a complete musician. Livingston's humor and love of music shine through as he inspires you to "play better now!"

Student Reviews:

"I just got this tape yesterday and I absolutely love it. Livingston is so much fun to watch and learn from. I highly recommend this video. Thanks again for another excellent teaching video." -- Donna Madden

"I've gotten more out of this video than any other instruction tape or CD I've ever purchased. I was stuck in a rut for a while. This pulled me out. Thanks to you and Liv for offering such a great product!" --Daniel Sanders, Burbank California
"I just bought a copy of Livingston Taylor's excellent guitar lesson. I'll be honest I bought it because I've been learning a lot of James Taylor material recently and thought this would complement it. I didn't really know of Livingston but thought that he might be able to teach me more about the Taylor style. I was not disappointed, but it also offers so much more! It's a fantastic lesson, firstly Livingston and James are quite alike in their music, but as well as that Livingston is a fantastic player, singer, songwriter and teacher in his own right - and his personality is infectious throughout the DVD - you can't help but feel the deep love of music he has and shares from the simplest to the more advanced pieces. All in all I'm really glad I bought the DVD and am already learning a lot from it." - Andrew via the Homespun Forum


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