Livingston Taylor's Hit Guitar Styles

Livingston Taylor

Arranging Pop Songs for Acoustic Guitar

Skill Level 3

6 audio hours plus music on pdf file
  • Code:CDLLIVHG99
  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

One of the most popular acoustic performers in pop music today shows how to build chord progressions, use harmonics and dynamics, write, sing and perform like a professional. You''ll learn the fingerstyle guitar parts to his beautifully crafted pop/jazz/blues tunes, including:

Strollin', Lost In The Love Of You, If I Were You, Carolina Day, One Of The Things I Do So Well, First Time Love, Got My Pajamas On, I''m Out Of This World, In My Reply, Good Friends, I''ll Come Running, I Will Be In Love With You, Falling In Love With You, It''s Love, Things Are Going Fine.

Student review:

"It's the first major investment I have made in Homespun and it was worth every penny. I have been playing nylon-string and acoustic guitar for almost twenty years and recently felt I was in a rut, mostly because I wasn't making music with anyone who really inspired me. This is not to say I am any great guitar wizard but you must admit it's nice to play with folks who really inspire you. Now I am jamming along with Liv and I feel great. The quality is ''spot on'' as the British say. Also, there's so much joy and enthusiasm in those lessons. I was sad when the series came to a close but felt I'd expanded my playing into jazzy, country, R & B, pop and blues. I find myself strumming along over and over again, incorporating Liv's suggestions into my own playing. Thanks for the musical inspiration and direction." -- David Shea, Spain


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