Lord Jamie Douglas (Waly Waly)

Martin Simpson

Alternate Tuning with Slide For a Scots Slow Air

11 minutes • Includes TAB
  • Code:DLSIMWW21
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Martin Simpson is revered for his fingerstyle playing and for his creative use of open and alternate tunings on the guitar. His haunting arrangement of this beautiful 16th Century Scottish air is played in his favorite tuning: CGDGCD (“Gsus4 over4”) with the added cross-cultural flourish of the use of the bottleneck slide. 

Martin touches on essential slide technique, showing how to play fluid melodic lines with open and stopped strings. He goes over the tune measure by measure, sharing his tips on how to use the slide efficiently, using only as much of it as he needs at any given time. His version of the tune is rich with quiet emotion and easy technique. 

You can hear Martin perform this song, with vocals, on his CD, “Vagrant Stanzas."


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