Making the Acoustic Guitar Rock!

James Nash

Pushing the Boundaries of Your Rhythm and Lead Playing

Two-hour DVD, includes pdf file of music and tab to view or print
  • Code:DLNSHGT21
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

James Nash is a guitarist who likes to “take it to the edge,” bringing a rock ‘n’ roll sensibility to the acoustic guitar. That’s what he does when he plays with his ambitious roots-rock band, The Waybacks, and he breaks down those formidable picking skills into accessible lessons for players of all levels. 

James has amazing chops and he knows how to help you improve yours, providing building blocks to become a freer and more creative player with unique right and left hand exercises, rhythm patterns, major and minor scale strategies for covering the fingerboard, play-along jam segments, and more. 

From concepts like the “Groove Center” to electric guitar string bending techniques adapted to the acoustic, from Keith Richards and Neil Young rhythm exercises to improvisations over chord progressions of Bob Dylan and The Beatles, James shows you how to bring excitement and personality into your playing.  And not forgetting his traditional roots, he turns Cherokee Shuffle and Blackberry Blossom into powerful vehicles for innovation and creativity.

The goal is to get the exercises “into your ear and brain so you can just clear your mind, play, and have fun with the instrument.”


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