Mike Marshall's Mandolin Fundamentals for All Players - Two-Video Set

Mike Marshall

Two-Video Set

Total time: 2 hours and 10 minutes, includes music and tab on pdf files
  • Code:DLMSHMN23
  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

Mike Marshall's Mandolin Fundamentals for All Players-Lesson 1
Building Technique Through Exercises and Melodic Studies

75 minutes $29.95
Level All

Mike Marshall's two-lesson set will benefit every mandolin player, from beginners to experienced professionals. He shows you how to become a better musician through proper technique, problem solving, and a systematic exercise regimen.

Mike starts with the basics: How to hold the instrument, play with correct posture, get great tone, and eliminate tension and other impediments by using proper hand and pick positions. His exercises will help give you the strength, speed and dexterity you'll need to develop a strong and accurate right hand.

Mike's powerful "Fingerbuster" exercises will build your physical abilities while increasing your command of the mandolin fingerboard. He methodically works with you on scales, chord shapes and arpeggios, providing workouts on every string and in every position. You'll learn to visualize the fretboard as a geometric pattern and turn these exercises into a unique musical experience.

Mike Marshall's Mandolin Fundamentals for All Players- Lesson 2
Mastering Chords and Theory

55 minutes $29.95
Level All

This encyclopedic chord lesson will provide hours of amazing practice sessions and should be in every mandolinist's  library. Mike Marshall's comprehensive, step-by-step method teaches you every chord in every position on the mandolin fretboard.

Mike starts with the most basic chord shapes, then works his way through each possible inversion as you change positions and move up the neck. He shows you how to play all the major and minor chords as well as major 7th, dominant 7th, 6th, flat 5 and other useful chord shapes. Through careful explanations and systematic exercises, he helps you build strength, knowledge and accuracy on the mandolin fretboard.

Understanding the theory behind the music will give you an unprecedented command of your instrument. This lesson will enable you to incorporate rhythmic and harmonic concepts to bluegrass, jazz or any other style you wish to play.


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