New Directions For Harmonica - Expanding Your Technique

Howard Levy
90-minute Video, Includes music + diagrams on pdf file
  • Code:DLLVYHA21
  • Skill Level:Advanced Intermediate (5)

Harmonica virtuoso Howard Levy has mastered the awesome technique of playing chromatically on a basic ten-hole harmonica.

Now he teaches you how he does it through the use of bends, overblows, overdraws and other challenging techniques. With some harp experience and the desire to move into dynamic new musical territory, you'll soon be playing blues, classical, jazz, pop or Latin tunes while gaining valuable insights into the harmonica's full potential.


"You owe it to yourself to check out Howard Levy's new teaching video . . . Howard may change your mind, and if you're serious about your music, he might even change your life. . . . The techniques Howard talks about are advanced techniques, but the video is so comprehensive that it is valuable to you even if you are a beginner because (it) demonstrates that there is virtually no limit to where you can take your instrument." -- American Harmonica Newsletter


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