Norman Blake's Guitar Techniques - Video 1

Nancy Blake, Norman Blake

Songs, Instrumentals and Styles

90-minute video, includes music and tab on pdf file on disc to view or print
  • Code:DLBLAGT21
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

This video is a boon to all players who want to explore country flatpicking and the smooth, uncluttered Norman Blake guitar style. In his clear and concise way, Norman covers the basics of his technique so that even near-beginners will gain the important skills necessary to play in this style. You'll learn alternating strokes, rolls, crosspicking, single string/rhythm chord combinations and other aspects of his right-hand style, plus slides, pull-offs, hammer-ons, chord positions and melody notes. Nancy's back-up technique is highlighted, and Norman gives tips on use of the capo, open strings and special tunings.

Songs and instrumentals include: Whiskey Before Breakfast, Gray Coat Soldiers, Prettiest Little Girl In The Country, The Wreck Of The Old '97, Ginseng Sullivan, Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine.


"Even in the velvet draped background of a video recording studio, the listener feels like they've been invited to a special one-on-one lesson on Blake's own back porch. Better role models for traditional music are hard to come by, and I highly recommend this to intermediate-level players." -- Sing Out! Magazine

Customer Reviews:

"I just wanted to let you know how much enjoyment and experience I have gained from both of your videos. In comparing your teaching style with what I have seen on other videos, I find yours to be among the best. I might also add that I am a faculty member (in Microbiology, believe it or not - wondering sometimes whether I missed my calling as an old-time guitar and mandolinist) here at the University of North Texas in Denton. As someone who plays (and learns) practically every day, it makes me wonder sometimes where my interests and talents will carry me." -- Dan Kunz, Texas

"Just a quick note of praise - I'm watching your Norman Blake DVDs again for the umpteenth time, and want to thank you for making these available! They are a real boon to guitarists, and are an important asset to the history of American music. Thanks!" - Jim Pelz


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