Reno Evans Trischka 3-Video Value Pack

Don Wayne Reno, Bill Evans, Tony Trischka

Learn From Three of Our Greatest Bluegrass Banjoists and Save!

Three-video package. Each includes tab on pdf file
  • Code:DLERTPK10
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Banjo Players!  Here's a package that will teach you the real bluegrass style, presented by three of the world's top players. Each of these pickers has had long experience playing both solo and in bluegrass bands, and will get you playing like never before! Learn the rolls, chord positions, backups and solos you'll need in any musical situation.

Bill Evans teaches you to play eight must-know bluegrass instrumentals that you are likely to hear in jam sessions, picking parties and band performances. One of America’s best-loved players and teachers, Bill helps you build your technique from the ground up, showing you the techniques that will give these tunes power and authenticity.
The legendary Don Reno is revered in American bluegrass history for his improvisational flair, technical skills and good-humored personality. The Reno banjo style he created melds traditional bluegrass breakdowns with chord-based solos, percussive techniques and flamboyant single-string runs. Don taught his groundbreaking banjo techniques to his son, Don Wayne Reno, who now passes it on -- with lots of his dad's great advice -- to all aspiring players.
Tony Trischka teaches eleven classic pieces that are prime examples of banjo playing at its best. You'll learn them, note-for-note, just as they were played by some of the greatest players in the history of the instrument. By learning these tunes you'll not only expand your repertoire, but in the process will also become more flexible in your ability to mix up various rolls, play in several keys without a capo and move more freely around the neck.


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