Rhythmic Explorations on the Cello

Rushad Eggleston

Chops, Chords, Syncopations and Accompaniments

85 Minute Video plus music on a pdf file
  • Code:DLREGCL21
  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

"Unleash your wild, internal cello monster." - Rushad

The cello has been growing in popularity as a dynamic and exciting accompaniment instrument ever since Rushad Eggleston introduced it to fans of Crooked Still, Fiddlers 4, Tornado Rider and other cutting-edge string bands. He brings the cello out of the conservatory and squarely into the 21st Century with his uniquely powerful chopping, strumming, chording, bass lines and fanciful, groove-oriented improvisations. 

Rushad expertly shows players at all levels how to make the cello into a whole band. He plays and carefully explains his impeccable solo lines and richly-textured double-stops, chord shapes and bowing techniques that can be used to back up other instruments or singers. Rushad accompanies his own high-spirited original songs, and fiddle master Jay Ungar joins him in a demonstration of more conventional traditional tunes.

All players, including those who have only studied classical, will be inspired to add Rushad™s astonishing sounds and techniques to their old-time, blues, bluegrass, folk, avant garde and even rock music adventures.


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