Right Hand Training for Fingerstyle Guitar

Josh Yenne

Methodical Exercises For Your Picking Hand

40-minute video download, includes TAB and on-screen text
  • Code:DLYENFS21
  • Skill Level:Novice (1)

Having good picking-hand technique is an indispensable tool for all acoustic guitar players. Its proper use can create beautiful accompaniments and ear catching instrumental solos. Josh Yenne’s training session provides aspiring guitarists with a solid fingerstyle foundation that opens up all kinds of exciting possibilities. It can be used by beginning players or by those who are more experienced and want to polish their picking technique.

Josh carefully takes you through his thumb-and-three-finger approach, starting with important tips on proper hand position to achieve a clear, crisp sound. Then, he methodically develops your skills through an organized multi-step approach: Building your foundation with a steady alternating bass; adding “pinch” notes along with the bass; then moving into increasingly complex patterns that you can use in a variety of songs and accompaniments.

By the end of the lesson, anyone who has been diligent about getting down these exercises will have all the tools they need to succeed as a fingerstyle player.


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