Talking Drummers

Jack DeJohnette, Don Alias

A Journey of Music, Friendship and Spirit

55-minute video
Introduced by Pat Metheny, with Commentary by David Holland, Michael Brecker & Joachim Lartey
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This rare and extraordinary lesson takes you behind the scenes and into the recording studio with two world-class musicians, recorded in 1997 in Woodstock, NY. Performing on congas, djembes, shakers, trap set, log drums, ocarina and keyboards, Jack DeJohnette and the late Don Alias joyously improvised an album of percussion-based works, creating, overdubbing, changing, editing---and you are there to see it all go down!

The performance scenes in the studio are intercut with fascinating and insightful conversations in which Jack and Don discussed their craft, musical influences, history, African tradition, percussion, spirituality and other topics related to their artistry. “Talking Drummers” is inspiring, moving and essential viewing for all musicians. From the lilting African Cowboy to the melodies of Maximum Concrete Respect and the African chant O Cho Zi, this DVD will delight and amaze you. The session culminates in Tales From the Woods, an absolutely mind-blowing jam with Don Alias wailing on traps and Jack DeJohnette improvising swirling melodies on keyboards.

“The idea was to put us in a roomful of drums and percussion and let us loose.” - Don Alias

We were out to document the creative process and the passion and drive that pushes us along.” - Jack DeJohnette


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