Techniques For Soloing and Performing

Pat Flynn

Flatpick Style

65-minute Video, Includes chords + tab on pdf file
  • Code:DLFLYFL21
  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)

Here's a  lesson that will provide hours of practicing fun, and keep your guitar fingers busy for months! Nashville session guitarist Pat Flynn opens up your creative doors, demonstrating his own method for creating solos and improvising across the entire guitar fingerboard.

You'll learn how to work up the neck, finding the chord centers on which you can base scales and, ultimately, create exciting guitar solos. Combining these with open, ringing notes will give your playing the unique sound that has made Pat one of the most sought-after acoustic pickers on the country/rock scene today.

Pat covers the "Five T's" that he considers indispensable for any good musician: Timing, Tuning, Tone, Taste and Technique. He discusses each of these with the goal of creating solos for maximum effect. You'll get new ideas for adding harmonies within chords, improvising blues and minor-key songs, and innumerable tips on hand positions, pick style, left and right-hand technique and more.


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