The Complete All-Around Drummer - Video One

Danny Gottlieb
90 minute video, Includes music pdf file
  • Code:DLGOTDM21
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Complete all-around drummers need to be able to play in any style, maintain solid grooves and have total command of their instrument. Danny Gottlieb taps his vast experience to help players at all levels become total musicians.

Drawing from his unique "Workshop Study Guide" that has helped thousands of players in clinics across the US and abroad, Danny covers everything from rudiments to powerful rock and jazz grooves. Essential drum pad exercises and in-depth advice will help you develop the speed and consistency needed to excel in both live performance and studio work.

Danny starts with sixteen basic rock and jazz exercises, showing techniques that novices and professionals alike will find invaluable. Then it's on to essential snare drum work, with Danny again providing the hands-on means to improve your chops and join the ranks of the top rock and jazz drummers.

An amazing 10-minute duet with Danny's long-time friend and mentor, master drummer Joe Morello, rounds off this lesson with a pyrotechnic display of percussive magic that is not to be missed!


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