The Electric Guitar of Jorma Kaukonen

Harvey Sorgen, Jack Casady, Jorma Kaukonen, Michael Falzarano

Blues, Rock & Roll and Beyond

90-minute video, Includes music + tab pdf file
  • Code:DLJORGT22
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Here is a "formula for instant success on the electric guitar." Learn hundreds of great licks for blues and rock playing and use them to create solos and lead lines to rival the best of them!

Jorma clearly explains rhythm grooves, picking techniques, lead bass lines, licks, solos and techniques for electric blues and rock tunes. You'll also get invaluable advice on scales, runs, hammers, string-snapping and lots more. Live performances by Electric Hot Tuna make this lesson both instructional and entertaining! Songs: "Hit Single #1," "Homespun Blues," "Ode To Billy Dean."


"The one-time Jefferson Airplane star patiently dissects his style and technique on this video, offering excellent insights on everything from rhythm playing to soloing to band interaction. Kaukonen offers plenty of valuable information on the most mysterious and important element of great playing -- emotion -- with candor and style."-- Guitar World

"5 Stars Excellent lessons from a master...
Jorma Kaukonen takes a simple, classic rock approach to rock and blues lead electric guitar. Lead lines come from inside the chords used, so you can build awesome solos easily and effectively. Jorma teaches lots of rock and blues licks and techniques (false harmonics, string bending, 3 octave licks, string snapping, use of pick and fingers) and also gives advice on equipment, practice, tuning, etc. What really makes this an exciting set of lessons is the demonstration of the material by Electric Hot Tuna. Each tune is broken down after a performance in the Homespun studio. I've returned time and again over the years since this first came out (early 90s) and what I like is that it is technique oriented and doesn't require any memorization of lots of scales and modes or long, superfast licks. The techniques presented here encourages thinking musically, improvising, and staying fresh. It probably isn't what the heavy metal shredder types are looking for, though I always think you can benefit from getting tips from an accomplished master." -- Learn Guitar


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