The Guitar of David Wilcox

David Wilcox

Secrets of Open Tunings and Song Accompaniment

80-minute video, includes music and tab on pdf file
  • Code:DLWLXGT21
  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)

One of the most popular and evocative performers on the scene today helps you unlock your creativity and develop rich, ringing guitar voicings in a variety of open tunings.

Working primarily in open C, G, D and DADGAD, and utilizing both pick and finger style, David Wilcox reveals the techniques that shape his distinctive guitar sound. His unusual practice of playing in "cross keys" and his use of string damping, rhythms, open chord harmonies, moving bass lines, partial capos other devices will open new doors and transform the way you approach your instrument.

Dave's invaluable advice on how to practice, re-tune by "feel," transpose mid-song, hear new sounds, experiment with a variety of fingerings and tunings and develop ideas for using the guitar as a writing tool will inspire you to invent your own fingerings and tunings and discover untold musical possibilities.

Songs: Eye of The Hurricane, Rusty Old American Dream, Show the Way, New World, Language of the Heart, Time Between the Lightning and the Thunder, Distant Water, Spin, Prayer, Show Me The Key.


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