The Guitar of Robert Johnson - Video 1

Rory Block
Two hour video, Includes music and tab on pdf file
  • Code:DLRORRJ21
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Learn to play the guitar style of the most influential Delta blues artist of all time! Robert Johnson's unearthly singing and intricate Mississippi Delta style slide guitar have inspired innumerable players in the decades since his untimely death in 1938. On this exciting, jam-packed lesson, the award-winning contemporary blues singer and guitarist Rory Block completely demystifies the licks, runs, strums, bass lines, turnarounds and other important guitar elements that combine to make up the unique Robert Johnson sound.

Working in open G and D tunings, Rory provides a series of informational keys- specific guitar techniques that "open doors and unlock information" to allow you to play any song in Robert Johnson's repertoire. She works with you on getting a good slide sound, and details the percussive picking and strumming skills you'll need to achieve that special Robert Johnson feel. Rory discusses blues singing style, provides fascinating insights into the Mississippi blues, and shows how to establish the energy, drive and motivation that will make you a funkier, more interesting player.

Although these skills pertain to any Robert Johnson song, you'll learn detailed renditions of If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day, Terraplane Blues and Preaching Blues.

"Rory Block is a national musical treasure. Her unwavering dedication to country blues guitar for 40 years has produced a body of work second to none while shining a light on the legendary artists who inspired her as a teenager in Greenwich Village. Her love and passion for the music comes through from the very beginning of her excellent, two-hour tutorial on the blues styles of Robert Johnson. Her sincere, enthusiastic manner invites the student into her world of blues guitar and made this veteran picker want to grab his axe and play along.Though beginners will be justly rewarded, this DVD is meant for intermediate to advanced fingerstyle country blues guitarists and is recommended without reservation." -- Dave Rubin, Play Blues Guitar

"Rory, I spent the weekend working from your Homespun videos. Great. The description you give on the intro to the Robert Johnson video, your influences, his influences, the traditions,  is one of the best things I have ever heard in many years in trying to figure out the blues.  I see your schedule has you coming to Penticton, British Columbia. Will do my damndest to get there.  Try to come to Vancouver soon!   I need help on that Charley Patton slam strumming big time."  Best, Rob

"I stumbled across your DVD via youtube then bought it off Homespun and have been playing slide like never before for the last 5 hours. Thank you! I really like your 'hit it harder make it messy' approach. And your incredible knowledge of the subtleties of Mr Johnson's work. And all the blues history." - R. Reid


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