The Guitar of Rory Block: Originals


Arrangements to Rory's Most Requested Songs

New From the Homespun Archives! Download Only; 60 minutes
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  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)

Rory Block's compelling and powerful original songs, as much as her renowned blues guitar technique, have gained her a large and enthusiastic international following. In this special one-on-one session, recently released from the Homespun archives, she teaches some of her most requested numbers along with her distinctive and challenging guitar arrangements.

Her opening song, the evocative Silver Wings (using what Rory calles her "secret tuning"), reveals how she utilises hammer-ons, rolls, slides, a "Joni Mitchell chord," intros and outros and her percussive right-hand strumming to build the arrangement. Mama's Blues, in open G, illustrates her use of the capo, various chord fingerings and barre technique, as well as the picking pattern that runs throughout the song. 

Got To Shine, in dropped D, highlights Rory's brilliant use of guitar-body percussion to punctuate chord changes. 

Finally, you'll learn the beautiful and heart-wrenching Lovin' Whiskey, with Rory adding important insights and advice about her songwriting process before closing with an inspiring performance of It Ain't Right.

This lesson will go a long way towards helping you develop your own style, and will enhance your arrangements of any traditional or original song you choose to play.


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