The Sam Bush Mandolin Method

Sam Bush
Two Video set, includes music and tab file on pdf. Hosted by Happy Traum.
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  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

This terrific two-part series will help aspiring mandolin players improve technical prowess, build repertoire and develop formidable musicianship. Sam teaches traditional fiddle tunes Ragtime Annie, Bile Them Cabbage Down, Blackberry Blossom and Sally Goodin, showing you how to create variations on the melodies, use drone strings for fiddle-like effects, employ crosspicking techniques for a smoother sound and move up the neck to play in higher positions.

A long admirer of Bill Monroe, Sam details the bluegrass master's unique approach to his instrument, teaching Big Mon and the ear-catching cross-tuning effects in Get Up John. He then goes into his own challenging arrangements of Brilliancy, Whayasay and Big Rabbit, all of which will help you develop technical proficiency and dexterity on the mandolin.

Sam is one of the instrument's great rhythm players, and he shows the essentials of damping, chopping and strumming for bluegrass, reggae and other styles. You'll also get detailed instruction in pick technique, scales, speed building, warm-up exercises, tremolo, improvised soloing and much more.

As a bonus, Sam provides an up-close look at his mandolins, and talks about his equipment, favorite strings, fret sizes, pick gauges, electronics and the ways that his instruments have been set up to suit his exacting requirements.

Student Review:

"I've played guitar for 35 years and recently decided to try the mandolin. Private lessons were helpful but without other musicians to interact with, my progress was slow. I ordered the Sam Bush DVD and have found it to be the best money I have ever spent for instruction. I'm playing less golf, watching less football and driving my family crazy. This is the most fun I've had in a long time playing an instrumet. Thanks for the great product." -- Michael M. (by e-mail)


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