The Segovia Style

Eliot Fisk

Classical Guitar of the Maestro

75-minute video ,includes music file on pdf
  • Code:DLFISGT21
  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)

This lesson takes us to the heart of the music of the great Andres Segovia. Eliot Fisk, a protegé of Segovia and a master of classical guitar in his own right, has put together a lesson that is filled with invaluable advice and powerful insights into the timeless Segovia legacy.

Eliot Fisk's passion for teaching and his love for the music of "the Maestro" is apparent throughout this lesson, which is accessible to guitarists on all levels. He explores the music in great detail, focusing on interpretation, musicianship, guitar technique, and Segovia's place in the history of classical guitar. Eliot's energetic exposition is inspiring, and should be essential viewing for anyone interested in classical guitar.

Starting with an analysis of a Segovia transcription of the Bach Prelude In D Minor, Eliot goes on to explore three of Segovia's remarkable Canciones Populares (classical guitar interpretations of beautiful folk melodies) and the haunting Estudio Sin Luz ("Study without Light"), written when Segovia was in danger of losing his eyesight. He includes tips on tone production, hand positions and other classical guitar techniques, as well as harmonizations and ideas on how to interpret the written music. Homepun Tapes' split-screen and close-up video techniques allow the student to study Eliot's hands in detail. As an added treat, Eliot performs lovely pieces by Haydn and Ponce, along with Segovia's work.

"Everything we do on classical guitar today harks back to the great Segovia," says Fisk, who was awarded "Best Classical Guitarist" by Guitar Player Magazine's Readers Poll. This DVD, taught by a formidable contemporary artist, is a rare opportunity to learn the technique and deep musicality that made Andres Segovia one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

Andres Segovia (1893-1987) is considered by most modern scholars to be the father of the modern classical guitar movement. Without his early efforts to build a repertoire and push luthiers to experiment with new woods and designs to increase its natural amplification, the guitar might still be considered unworthy to play classical music. Segovia brought guitar studies to major universities, and the classical guitar is now heard on concert stages throughout the world. His impeccable musicianship and technique, combined with his passion for the guitar, has influenced thousands of players who carry on the Segovia tradition.


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