The Ukulele Toolbox Two DVD Set

Bob Brozman

A Comprehensive Course for Mastering the Uke

Two DVDs, total time 4 hours, includes music and tab
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  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)
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 Multi-instrumentalist and roots music wizard Bob Brozman's two-DVD set takes a ukulele player from first chords and strums to techniques that can be used to play hundreds of songs. His "toolbox" provides the nuts and bolts that every learner needs to transform this little instrument into a musical giant.

 DVD One:

Enter the world of the ukulele through the magical hands and musical mind of string wizard Bob Brozman! This DVD is jam-packed with invaluable musical information, from the most basic chords and sstrums for beginners to a myriad of musical ideas and techniques for those with some uke experience.

 You'll learn to play in a variety of keys and American roots music styles, including blues, early jazz and ragtime. Bob provides exercises, music theory, strumming and fingerpicking techniques, rhythmic variations, scales, harmony lines, major and minor chords and progressions, and much more.

 If you are a beginner, this lesson will get you off to a great start. More experienced strummers will soon learn new and exciting ways to make music on this unique instrument, adding spice and excitement to your songs.

 DVD Two:

 Bob Brozman continues his excursion into the wonderful world of the ukulele with more advanced musical tools to help you become a fully accomplished player. As in DVD One, this lesson is jam-packed with invaluable exercises, ideas and information that will challenge and delight all learning ukers.

 Bob brings it up a notch as he starts off with a catchy 8-bar Ukulele Rag, then explores diminished chords, vamps, chord substitutions, advanced strumming and fingerpicking variations, rumba rhythms, chord melodies and lots more.

Customer Review 
"I recently bought your ukulele tool box vol 1 & 2 and have started working on the vol 1 dvd. I have had numerous uke teachers before now but have to say I am learning much more from your DVD than from any teacher I have been to. My knowledge of the fretboard and expansion of my skills is moving forward in ways I did not think would be so possible, so quick. Your presentation style is very clear and easy to understand. Thanks you so very much for producing such wonderful, intelligent and valuable ukulele teachings." - Trevor Gollagher



Larry Butler 2 years, 7 months ago

The "Toolbox" is a bargain containing four hours of material. Bob is witty and skillful in his presentation. He goes from the first essentials to advanced techniques; all of which will lead uke students well on the trail to mastery. This is a great set.

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Happy Traum 2 years, 7 months ago

Thanks for your comments, Larry. I'm so glad you like this set of lessons.

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Ray Bunch 1 year, 3 months ago

I have used many Homespun products in the past and hope that this one is as good as the rest were.

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Finn Bjerke 8 months ago

Best method for fast learning Ive seen so far. Ukulele is about chords, and inversions of chords. Brozmans approach is logical well structured and will get you fast forward. Worth the money.

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