Things Are Looking Up

Pete Huttlinger

A Single Song Lesson

  • Code:DLHUTGT21
  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)

Many of you know that the great fingerstyle guitarist, Pete Huttlinger, has had to overcome some very serious health issues in the past couple of years. This optimistically-titled guitar composition reflects Pete's up-beat nature and confirms his outlook that things are definitely getting better for him.

Written and played in dropped D tuning, Pete's extended, multi-part instrumental will be a challenge for most players but will ultimately be very satisfying. There are lots of great ideas in every measure of this tune; you'll learn some great chord shapes, cool runs and beautiful melodic passages. It's a great way for fingerstyle players to develop technique and have a great piece to learn and play.

Pete says that "Things Are Looking Up" takes on new meaning every time he plays it. We think you'll enjoy learning it too, and will discover why Pete has long been on of Homespun's most popular instructors.


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