Todd Phillips' Bass Workout and Practice Regimen

Todd Phillips

Build Tone, Timing, Strength and Endurance

90 minute video
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The acoustic bass is a notoriously physical instrument, one that demands strength and stamina as well as a keen ear and an overall sense of musicianship. Master bassist Todd Phillips has devised a personal training workout and exercise plan that will help bassists at all levels and in all styles play with great tone, precise timing and in good tune. 

Todd writes: “I liken the upright bass to a sport or physical activity that requires strength and stamina training before actually playing. Boxers jump rope, tennis and golf pros work on their swing. In our case we must train hard to develop muscle, mind and reflexes as they relate to our musical growth.”

Mastery of the mechanics is essential. You’ll learn basic bass setup; proper left hand positions and right hand rhythm techniques; scales and arpeggios; how to get the best tone with the least effort; improve timing with the use of a metronome; develop your ear through pitch referencing, and lots more. 

This lesson will be your constant companion and a tool that you’ll come back to time and again to find your best voice on the acoustic bass.


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