Tony Rice Teaches Bluegrass Guitar

Tony Rice
Skill Level 3

CD plus 24-page music + tab book
  • Code:CD---TR01
Book + CD


A challenge and delight for intermediate and advanced flatpickers! Tony Rice passes on his brilliant improvisation, powerful soloing and the secrets of his left- and right-hand technique.

He analyzes licks, runs, solos and rhythm parts to hot bluegrass songs and fiddle tunes. Includes kickoffs, endings, licks, riffs, rhythm technique, crosspicking, improvisation, variations on the popular "G run" and much more!

Songs: "Red Haired Boy," "Little Sadie," "Your Love Is Like A Flower," "Blue Railroad Train," "Home From The Forest," "Wildwood Flower," "Old Train," "Wild Horse," "Jerusalem Ridge."

*Edited version of the six-cassette series, "New Acoustic Guitar" and the single cassette lesson, "Tony's Choice."


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