Warren Bernhardt Teaches Jazz Piano - Volume One

Warren Bernhardt

Volume One: A Hands-On Course in Improvisation and Technique

Skill Level 3

CD + 32-Page Book
  • Code:CD---WB01

Add richness to your playing and gain invaluable insight into the musical thinking of a great pianist.

Warren Bernhardt's expert use of open and closed chord voicings to create harmonic textures, and his examination of the special colors of the four primary modes, will add depth and beauty to your piano playing. Combine these compositional cornerstones with tempo changes, pedal tones and other devices and your jazz technique will move up to a whole new level.

Warren provides a wealth of exercises designed to build dexterity of both brain and fingers, especially in his examinations of the cycle of fifths and the pentatonic and whole tone scales. As you master two original tunes, B-Loose Blues and New Samba, Warren shows you how to apply what you've learned about chord changes, voicings, substitutions, soloing and tempo and "feel" to your own improvisations.

Bonus: Two challenging and beautiful jazz etudes that Warren's mentor, Bill Evans, taught to him. No jazz pianist should miss this session! Immediate improvement is guaranteed.


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