You Can Play Jazz Guitar! - Video 1

Mike DeMicco

Scales, Modes, and Other Essentials

82-minute video, Includes music + diagrams on pdf file
  • Code:DLDEMGT21
  • Skill Level:Near-Beginner (2)

Here are the skills every guitar player needs to play beautiful solos and create exciting improvisations. Mike DeMicco gives you a complete understanding of what jazz guitar is all about, taking you through a wide variety of scales, modes, arpeggios and chord voicings, then teaching you how to practice them so you can move around the fingerboard with ease.

The enormous amount of information presented here will be invaluable to you in all situations, whether you're jamming on simple chord progressions or approaching a complex jazz standard. Mike provides numerous exercises and plays musical examples to illustrate the techniques he teaches. You'll gain an understanding of the fretboard and the elements of music theory- all the tools you'll need to start playing jazz.

For the lesson's culmination, Mike teaches his original tune, Just Too Minor, which features a melodic "head" (or melody) followed by a variety of comping and soloing ideas. When Mike is joined by Vinnie Martucci on keyboards and Rich Syracuse on bass, the ensemble perfectly demonstrates how it all fits together.


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