You Can Play Jazz Guitar!- DVD 2

Mike DeMicco

Improvisation-Developing Your Own Style

80-min DVD, Includes music + diagrams
  • Code:DLDEMGT22
  • Skill Level:Early Intermediate (3)

Now it's time to dig deeper into jazz improvisation in styles ranging frombebop to jazz blues. On this second DVD, guitarist Mike DeMicco presents a full range of soloing ideas designed to expand yourknowledge of the guitar in one quantum leap!

Mike starts off with an in-depth look at the II-V-I progression and the relationships between chords, scales and modes. Through dozens of examples, including scale and chord comping exercises in all the keys and his own composition Lydian Grin, he explains sharp 9 and flat 9/flat 5 chords, the evocative Dorian and Lydian modes, and how to create solos over some dazzling chord changes.

Mike examines styles developed by Mike Stern, Tal Farlow, John Coltrane, Wes Montgomery and others, and shows you how to create passing tones, solo lines, octave passages and personal improvisations. He closes the DVD with an exploration of jazz-blues, getting you into this popular form through his swinging original Dues Blues.


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