You Can Play Jazz Guitar - DVD 3

Mike DeMicco

Putting It All Together

60-min DVD, Includes music + diagrams
  • Code:DLDEMGT23
  • Skill Level:Intermediate (4)

"A gifted instrumentalist, able to translate the Charlie Christian tradition into the fusion idiom."--The Milwaukee Journal

The mark of a great jazz musician is his or her ability to make a personal, unique statement. This third DVD in the series provides invaluable insights into how you, as a developing jazz guitarist, can create your own distinctive style.

Starting with his bebop-oriented tune Boptology, Mike DeMicco teaches you how to build creative solos, challenging you to find your own voice in jazz. The head, or melody, of this tune is a complete study tool on it's own as it encompasses a compelling syntheses of several jazz styles.

Mike then uses Victor Young's classic standard Love Letters to analyze chord melody and develop ideas for soloing. He shows you how to utilize the diminished and whole tone scales over dominant 7th chords and demonstrates how to connect what you hear to what you play. "The Improvisor's Friend," a handy chart explaining how to use the melodic minor scale over several chord types, is included in the written text which accompanies this lesson.

This DVD is essential learning for anyone who wants to play powerful, creative jazz guitar!


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