A Six-Pack of Advanced Bluegrass Licks

Josh Yenne
Guitar flatpickers will love these six hot licks! Multi-instrumentalist and session player Josh Yenne brings his potent chops to this terrific lesson, teaching you phrases that will bring power and excitement to any bluegrass solo you play. As you learn these licks, you’ll be building your flatpicking skills and gaining a strong foundation for creating lead solos for any bluegrass ... Read More

A Six-Pack of Country Guitar Licks

Josh Yenne

For Telecaster and Other Electric Instruments

Plug in that electric guitar and start bending and sliding your way to country guitar prowess! Multi-instrumentalist session player Josh Yenne teaches six easy but useful licks on his Telecaster that will provide a great foundation for any aspiring country picker. Josh teaches three licks in A and three licks in E, accompanied by play-along tracks in both the “train ... Read More

A Six-Pack of Tony Rice Licks

Josh Yenne
Tony Rice’s unique style has intrigued bluegrass flatpickers for decades, and his lightning-fast licks have influenced generations of aspiring guitarists. Continuing his popular “Six Pack” series, Josh Yenne methodically breaks down six of Tony’s classic licks in a way that’s easy to learn and to play along with. A sought-after sideman and gifted instructor, Josh plays each lick at different ... Read More

Beefsteak When I'm Hungry

Toby Walker

Blues in E by James "Son" Thomas

As his many fans and students have learned, Toby Walker has a solid command of all aspects of blues fingerpicking - and he knows how to teach it, too. In this lesson he explores a song that he learned personally from the Mississippi Delta blues guitarist and singer James "Son" Thomas.  "Beefsteak When I'm Hungry" is a funky blues ... Read More

Big Bill Broonzy's "Glory of Love"

Happy Traum

A Single Song Lesson - 20 minutes - includes tab

Big Bill Broonzy was a master musician whose styles ran the gamut from country blues to ragtime, from popular songs to his own originals. This powerful fingerstyle guitarist and vocalist was a major influence on the early folk and blues revival, and his impact is still being felt today. Big Bill transformed “Glory of Love,” a widely-known 1930s-era pop standard, into ... Read More

"Big Island" - Slack Key Style in Open G

Mike Dowling

A Single Song Lesson

Learn to play this soulful Mike Dowling original tune in the slack key style and you’ll feel the gentle breezes of the islands waft into your life. While this fingerstyle piece is reasonably easy to play, it has some really neat rhythmic and harmonic elements - lots of double-stops in thirds and sixths - that will make it well worth working on ... Read More

Blues For Freida

Eric Skye

New Ideas for Fingerstyle Creativity

In this 30-minute Homespun lesson, Eric teaches his original song, “Blues for Freida,” a stunningly beautiful minor-key instrumental featuring simple yet innovative chord voicings that will excite any intermediate player. In a thoughtful, methodical way, Eric teaches the chords and the melody, then discusses how he approaches variations and soloing. His clear and concise instruction will inspire you to ... Read More

Comes and Goes

Pete Huttlinger
By special request, the late, great Pete Huttlinger had recorded this piece as a "bonus" song for his lesson, "Learn to Play the Songs of Dan Fogelberg." We're now offering it to you as a single "mini-lesson," and there's much to learn from it. You'll play a beautiful, flowing picking pattern to accompany the song, along with an ... Read More

"Down the Road" - A Clawhammer Banjo Classic

David Holt

Single Song Download

David Holt was Doc Watson’s traveling companion and musical partner for several years - together they won a Grammy for their 3-CD set “Legacy.” Here, David teaches a version of a song that Doc started out playing on the street and that later became a regular part of his repertoire. "This is the one that brought in all the money ... Read More

"Down Yonder" Flatpicking Solo

Steve Kaufman

24 Minutes - includes music and tab

On this extension of his 2-hour “Bluegrass Guitar Licks-ercises” video, Steve teaches an exciting version of the classic tune, Down Yonder, a sure show-stopper for any bluegrass flatpicker. Along with the chords and melody, you’ll learn how to play double-stops in G, C, D, E and A, mixing in two-, four- and eight-bar filler runs that will bring exciting ... Read More

E Blues Double Stops, Harmonized Scales and a Few Cool Riffs

Adam Traum

A Homespun Mini Lesson

Knowing double stops is a great way to learn the guitar’s fretboard and develop riffs of your own. In this lesson guitarist Adam Traum teaches harmonized scales and the fundamental theory behind double stops to help you create dynamic solos for blues in the key of E. He teaches some cool licks that will add to any aspiring player's ... Read More

Expand Your DADGAD Blues Vocabulary

Al Petteway

Get Rich, Bluesy Sounds With This Tuning!

With its ringing strings and modal-sounding timbre, DADGAD is a beautiful tuning for coaxing rich, bluesy sounds out of your guitar. Master player Al Petteway shows you how to create cool Delta blues-style turnarounds, chord progressions, licks, and other playing techniques, along with arrangements for two classic blues songs: Going Down Slow and T-Bone Walker's classic, Stormy Monday.  ... Read More
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