Learn to Play Western Swing Steel Guitar - Video 1

Cindy Cashdollar

Lesson One: Learning The Basics

The eight-string, non-pedal steel guitar* lent its distinctive sound to classic recordings by Bob Wills, Hank Williams and innumerable other country stars. This video gives you all the information you'll need to play this uniquely American instrument and capture the essence of the traditional country & western sound. Cindy Cashdollar, one of today's top players, starts with the ... Read More

Learn to Play Western Swing Steel Guitar - Video 2

Cindy Cashdollar

Lesson Two: Beyond The Basics

Continue your exploration of non-pedal and lap steel guitar* as Cindy Cashdollar moves you into more advanced territory with techniques derived from the playing of Leon McCauliffe, Joachim Murphy and other great traditional players. You'll learn to use a variety of harmonics, develop speed and accuracy with single-string scales and exercises, and expand your musical possibilities with the chord ... Read More

Pedal Steel for Guitar Players

Josh Yenne

Demystifying the Instrument

In his first video for Homespun, multi-instrumentalist Josh Yenne methodically breaks down the basics of the pedal steel from a guitar players perspective. Yenne’s clarity as an instructor shines as he walks students through the tuning, set up of pedals, use of the bar, blocking, string grips and the phrasing ideas to help simplify this complex instrument.  Multiple camera ... Read More

Slide Guitar of Kelly Joe Phelps

Kelly Joe Phelps

Techniques, Arrangements and Improvisation

The late Kelly Joe Phelps was a singer and guitarist with depth, range, and amazing technique. His smoky voice and intricate, subtle slide guitar work infused his songs with soulful honesty and authenticity. Kelly Joe plays with his guitar flat on his lap Dobro style, picking, sliding and using his right hand on the body of the guitar to create ... Read More

The Guitar of Kelly Joe Phelps - Two-video Set

Kelly Joe Phelps
Buy the Set and Save! Only $39.95 if you buy both lessons. Both of Kelly Joe's lessons - one on his unique lap/slide style and one on his fingerpicking arragements - are now available in a money-saving two-video set. Read More
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