Mike Dowling Plays Blues in Open G

Mike Dowling


Mike Dowling, a blues guitar master and a Homespun instructor who is a perennial favorite, plays an improvisational groove using Open G tuning. His steady thumb and laid back style are a pleasure to watch in this outtake from his most recent Homespun video, "Mike Dowling's Roadmap to Creative Guitar Arranging." We hope you enjoy this free download that ... Read More
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The Cherry Tree Carol

Al Petteway
Here’s a beautiful and compelling tune that’s fairly easy to play. It’s perfect for the Christmas season but will have its place in your repertoire at any time of year. Al Petteway has arranged it for fingerstyle guitar in DADGAD tuning. Its open and parallel strings, with ringing overtones, give the piece a lovely reverb-like resonance. Al ... Read More
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