This pennywhistle (or tin whistle) in the key of D, is finely crafted for beautiful sounds. It is widely used by Irish and other whistle players and is a wonderful instrument for solo playing or accompaniment. Note: We are sorry but this item cannot be returned or exchanged. Read More


Pete Huttlinger's Mandolin for Guitar Players

Pete Huttlinger
Pete Huttlinger's new CD/Book combo is a great learning aid for guitarists (or anyone) getting into mandolin playing. Rhythm charts, tabs and standard notation for twenty-five traditional old-time, bluegrass and Celtic fiddle tunes are included, along with introductory chords, scales, arpeggios and exercises. Pete plays all the tunes on mandolin and guitar on the accompanying CD.  Songs: Angeline ... Read More
Book + CD


Six Sets of Bill Keith Custom Bluegrass Banjo Strings

Bill Keith claims that "there is no other set on the market that embodies these characteristics." He should know-- he designed these long-lasting, phosphor-bronze strings himself to his own tension specifications! Read More


Soprano Ukulele

This perfect starter instrument is constructed of imported southern Asian strip grain wood. The bridge is permanently mounted and its slim neck features non-slip adjustable tuning pegs. We really like the nice tone and quality craftsmanship on this lightweight wooden model. Read More





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