Blues Harmonica with John Sebastian

John Sebastian

Beginner - Intermediate Levels

Harmonica great John Sebastian teaches you to play great blues harp right from the beginning! He explains how to hold the instrument and make your first tones, then uses "cowboy music" to demonstrate "out" or "straight" harp style. Moving on to blues techniques, John shows you how to play your first blues scales using traditional "cross harp" technique. Before you ... Read More

Blues-Roots Guitar

Steve James

Fingerpicking and Slide From the Delta to New Orleans

Steve James is known for his mastery of blues guitar styles, as well as his deep knowledge of the history of the great traditional players, from Piedmont to Delta. On this lesson, he takes five pieces representative of different styles and teaches them in careful detail for the learning student. Using guitars from his extensive collection (a 1936 National Trojan ... Read More

Corey Harris Teaches Blues Guitar

Corey Harris

From Mississippi to Mali

Corey Harris has absorbed American country blues traditions and plays them as authentically and powerfully as anyone on the scene today. He has also explored the African guitar styles on which much of the blues was based, and on this remarkable instructional session he teaches songs and instrumentals that bridge the gap between the two cultures. Corey starts by teaching ... Read More

Dynamic Country Blues Guitar

Catfish Keith
"One of the finest acoustic bluesmen in America.... This man is flat-out spectacular!"- Big City Blues On this outstanding lesson, Catfish Keith teaches his trademark arrangements of seven traditional country blues songs. He first plays the tune, then slows it down to highlight how he achieves his powerful fingerpicking style featuring heavy vibrato, powerful bends, "artificial" or "harp" harmonics, bottleneck ... Read More

Easy Moveable Chords for Dynamic Blues Soloing

Toby Walker

Play Seven Blues Classics Around the Fretboard

Here’s a really fun and informative lesson for players at all levels. Toby Walker has long been among our most popular guitar instructors, and on this session he shows early-intermediate players how certain chord shapes, particularly the “long A,” can be used to get around the fretboard and create authentic-sounding fingerstyle blues solos - with a minimum of effort.  ... Read More

Easy Steps to Acoustic Blues Guitar - Lesson 1

Happy Traum

Lesson One: Starting From Scratch

So you want to play the blues? Well, veteran guitarist, instructor and Homespun founder Happy Traum offers the very best way for you to get started! This basic course in fingerstyle blues guitar breaks it all down into easily digested topics for novice players. You'll start by learning the basic blues forms and getting them securely under your belt ... Read More

Easy Steps to Acoustic Blues Guitar - Lesson 2

Happy Traum

Lesson Two: Essentials of Fingerstyle Blues

Now that you've completed Lesson One and have made it past the basics, it's time to tackle the next level- traditional blues fingerpicking. The key to all country blues playing, and the heart of this style, is in your ability to play a rhythmic bass pulse with your thumb while your fingers pick out syncopated notes on the ... Read More

Easy Steps to Acoustic Blues Guitar Videos 1 and 2

Happy Traum

Two Video Set

These two lessons are the perfect choice for you if you're an early-intermediate guitarist who wants to begin playing blues on your acoustic guitar. All you need to get started are the basic chords and Happy Traum will get you into the world of traditional blues guitar in no time. Before long, you'll be playing songs complete with ... Read More

Expand Your DADGAD Blues Vocabulary

Al Petteway

Get Rich, Bluesy Sounds With This Tuning!

With its ringing strings and modal-sounding timbre, DADGAD is a beautiful tuning for coaxing rich, bluesy sounds out of your guitar. Master player Al Petteway shows you how to create cool Delta blues-style turnarounds, chord progressions, licks, and other playing techniques, along with arrangements for two classic blues songs: Going Down Slow and T-Bone Walker's classic, Stormy Monday.  ... Read More

Exploring 8-Bar Blues

Mary Flower

Seven Songs, Progressions and Variations in E

Here’s everything a learning guitarist will need to get into the infectious 8-bar blues form. Mary Flower brings her expert musicianship to seven exciting arrangements, helping both novice and more advanced fingerstyle blues players develop important guitar skills. You will come away with a wealth of techniques, great songs and new insights into your instrument.  Mary starts with simple ... Read More

Fingerstyle Arrangements for Six Blues, Country and Folk Songs

Happy Traum

From His Acclaimed CD "Just For the Love of It"

These songs and instrumentals will challenge, delight and inspire learning guitarists looking for new techniques and fresh repertoire. Happy teaches two traditional blues; a timeless cowboy song; an instrumental version of a great country/pop classic and more. Each song demonstrates important styles and techniques that will add depth and finesse to your playing.  • Careless Love Blues and ... Read More

Five Unique Pieces for Blues/Roots Guitar

Mary Flower

Build Your Technique Step-by-Step

Mary Flower has a masterful command of the blues. She combines technical know-how with an undeniably soulful groove. Here, Mary teaches five original, distinct pieces that cover four different tunings: standard, dropped D, open G, and D minor. West Delta Blues employs a “dead thumb” right hand picking technique and a cool sliding lick on the treble strings that draw ... Read More
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